Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Spring Fever

Nothing much has been happening at work, since I'm mainly just getting prepared for Benny to arrive.

My biggest problem this week was with the post office. I had filled out a temporary mail forwarding form before I went away for training, and I had set the ending date for March 18. After I got back and the days went by without any mail being delivered to me, I began to get concerned. Finally I called the post office to make sure that the mail forwarding had ended as specified. Lo and behold, they had completely neglected to look at the ending date, so they were still sending my mail to the hotel in Georgia. I asked them to correct that error, and contacted the hotel as well to make sure that anything delivered there by mistake was sent back to me.

I still haven't heard any news about the house that I'm trying to buy. My agent had expected the bank to contact us weeks ago. I remain hopeful that I'll get an answer from them soon, but in the meantime I decided to look at more properties. I went out and viewed some places yesterday. Unfortunately, there's not a lot available because many sellers are holding out for the prices to get better before putting their properties on the market. Nothing that I saw was as good as the one for which I am waiting.

I've been working with the plants out on my balcony. I have a few flowers blooming, and I've started to see a hummingbird buzz around. Today I planted the potatoes that I bought last weekend; it's a good thing that I'm growing them mainly for the flowers so that I can cross them, rather than for a crop of tubers, because otherwise I wouldn't have enough room to keep them all. (Side note: I looked up PCR tubes online, because that's the perfect container for storing potato pollen, but apparently they are only sold in packages of 1000. That's a bit of overkill. However, they come in lots of pretty colors!) Some of my runner beans are showing signs of sprouting back from last year's vines, which is neat. My curry trees dropped most of their leaves over the winter, so I took them outside to get some fresh air and sun now that the weather is slightly warmer, and they look like they're perking up.

Another thing I've been doing is watching some of my DVDs. I had a marathon of season two of Scarecrow & Mrs. King yesterday, and for as corny as 80s TV can be, there are some darling moments in that show. My favorite bit is the end of one episode where they're walking along and link their pinky fingers together for no apparent reason. How cute is that? Today I've been marathoning Gargoyles, and I've finished the first season. It's really a shame that the whole series hasn't been released yet.

Edit: I thought I should post a picture of Margaret B for posterity. This cute little tree only had four leaves when I bought it last fall.

Also, I found it interesting that the name of the oil tanker where Xanatos lures the gargoyles for a confrontation with the Pack in the first episode of season two is Otoshianamaru, Japanese for "pitfall." I didn't know Japanese when I watched it the first time.
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