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Amparo Bertram

Are we exists?

Today was my last full day of classes before a big sports event. I have one class tomorrow morning on my schedule, but reportedly a lot of the students will be gone, so we can't have a real lesson.

At lunch time a home ec teacher talked to me a bit about sewing and said if I was interested she could show me how to make a yukata. She added that the exchange student from Hawaii has a class for making a yukata that is supposed to last the rest of the year. Granted, I'm sure it's hard to make much progress when you only work one hour a week, but to take an entire school year to complete one project...

In the afternoon I had my writing class, and I assigned them to write a scary story (either real or imaginary). There was no length requirement, they were just to write until the story was complete. The results were very creative, with a lot of vampires, but one in particular caught my attention:

The most scary story is very simple.
「We are imitation.
We are not exists.」
Only this.

Later I was going over a preposition activity with one of my team teachers, and it cropped up that two separate English-Japanese dictionaries listed euthanasia as "put away." (I later checked with a third, and it said the same.) Now, I always heard of it as "put down." Is this some kind of regional difference? I can't imagine that it's another case of my English having left the building, because "I had to put my dog away" just sounds totally wrong to me.

After I got home, I cooked up some hot spiced apple juice. Mmm, that really hits the spot on a chilly evening.
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