Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Canine training: Week 8

This week we had our Mock Validation. It's a practical test that is run exactly like the official version (coming up this week) except that it doesn't actually count. All of the dogs passed, which is a good sign. However, minutes after the test was over, our instructor was called away for personal reasons, and we don't know yet when (or if) she will be able to return. Another instructor stepped in to take over our class, though she still has to do her own previously scheduled duties on the side whenever she can squeeze them in.

We had a huge thunderstorm roll through on Wednesday, so the training center property was completely soaked. We had to tuck towels at the base of one of the doors to our classroom to stop the water from seeping inside. When we showed up on Thursday morning, the water was still pooled on the surface of the ground, and there was mud everywhere. For the sake of what I call "posterior posterity," I will report that I was clumsy enough to slip and fall on my rear in the mud while giving Benny his morning walk. Thank goodness CBP uniforms clean off relatively easily.
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