Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Canine training: Week 7

We're all getting excited as the end of training approaches, though we do have a touch of trepidation about the validation test. Our instructor assures us that all of our dogs will do fine, but we can't avoid some anxiety.

This week we had an informal practice version of our official validation test. This gave us an idea of each dog's individual quirks so that we could spend time working to remedy any problems. We also took some time to go over details of handler issues that we need to work on ourselves. There are so many elements to think about, it's hard to keep them all in mind simultaneously while working.

We also took another trip to the airport, where the dogs were lucky enough to get a chance to smell actual contraband fruit brought in (and declared) by passengers. Another passenger helpfully volunteered to hold a handbag with target food inside so that the dogs had a chance to find something being carried by a stranger, which is hard to do at the training center.

Outside of class, there was a bit of drama among the hotel staff. One of the women at the front desk was fired for having a relationship with the manager. Yeesh, the things you hear when you stay at a place for months.
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