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Amparo Bertram

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09:45 am: Canine training: Week 5
Finally, we have reached the halfway mark.

Bag searching exercises are going well. Now we're making the transition to having the dogs work at the airport. Benny got a chance to model his official CBP trainee uniform. His first day of work was fraught with difficulties, such as a passenger transporting a pet puppy and part of someone's waffle that had fallen on the floor to tempt him. He even provided me an opportunity to use a bit of Japanese as he showed interest in bags arriving from Narita.

Luckily, he's friendly toward people, not showing any signs of anxiety or fear around small crowds or moving objects like carts and wheelchairs. He just needs to figure out that he's supposed to be sniffing the bags, not all the people's legs.

On Friday we all took a field trip to let the dogs explore the woods at nearby Line Creek. Benny was thrilled to have so many trees available for him to mark.

Outside of class, I had a request to share the details of the cooking setup in my hotel room. I do all my food preparation on one cabinet that houses the waist-high refrigerator and the microwave, along with a small cupboard for storage. The top of the cabinet is where I have my cutting board, slow cooker, and a small towel where I can set dishes after I wash them in the bathroom sink. It's cramped, but it seems to be working well enough.


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Date:February 20th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)

no waffle for you!

part of someone's waffle that had fallen on the floor to tempt him

This made me laugh. I can just imagine! Poor doggie!
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