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I arrived at school this morning, my arms laden with Halloween supplies, and I was immediately approached by the head of the English department with the message that one of the teachers I was supposed to be working with that day had called in sick and asked me to handle the class by myself.

Note: I am not supposed to do this. I don't have a Japanese teaching certificate, and my job description explicitly states that I'm an assistant. Even so, sometimes it happens.

My first thought was, Didn't someone hire a substitute teacher? What will all his other non-team-teaching classes do? Did they just not hire anyone, or did they get a substitute who didn't feel comfortable with English and didn't want to be in the room with me? (I would guess the former, but I have no idea.)

My second thought was, Did he leave any kind of lesson plan or even a quick suggestion such as "Start the next chapter"? Apparently not, because I didn't receive any further instructions. Luckily, I had a planning period first hour, so I had time to write up and laminate some Halloween flash cards really quickly. It was a good thing I did, because I wound up using them in two other classes as well.

The class actually went okay. We played a game with the flash cards, and then with the extra few minutes at the end of the class we briefly talked about lucky/unlucky superstitions. They all generally know about black cats and four-leaf clovers, but the idea of a lucky rabbit's foot gets them every time.

The pumpkin pie went over well, though only three students showed up for English club, so I had a bunch left over. I dished it out to some of the other teachers in the faculty room. I started discussing holiday food with the teacher next to me and mentioned hot, spiced apple cider. She scrunched up her face and asked, "You drink apple cider hot? Is it good?" I tried to explain that it's kind of like drinking tea...I don't know if she got it, though. (It made *me* want to drink some, at least.)
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