Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

One more week down

The students today had a really serious case of Friday restlessness. Some seemed half-asleep and some couldn't cut the chatter, but few could concentrate on lessons.

I did have one memorable class, though. One of the third-year classes had been told that Fridays would be reserved for movies and games and such...but the teacher I guess couldn't think of any activities to do, so he was just going to have a regular lesson. The students protested that that wasn't fair, so he turned to me and said, "What should we do?" (Being asked what the lesson should be *after* arriving in the classroom is, unfortunately, not all that uncommon for an ALT.) The activity I came up with off the top of my head was to have the students tell a story, going around the room and each student offering only one word at a time. I provided the title and first sentence, and they came up with the rest.

One day I decided to take a train to a new place.

He is a rabbit, but a person who is a stranger. Suddenly he became Mr. Ueda and he died, because he had killed someone.

I am a dog and a person because I will go to Neverland, where Michael Jackson eats Peter Pan, but Peter Pan flies in the sky.

She likes Peter Pan, who is small and cute. She is Tinkerbell, so she can fly in New York, but Michael Jackson can't fly all the time.

(What's a day without a touch of surrealism, anyway?)

I also hear tell that it's the time of year to send out best wishes to Deb on her birthday. May your mail-order manga always arrive swiftly!
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