Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Best-laid plans...

When your supervisor calls you up first thing in the morning and starts by saying, "Are you sitting down?" you know it won't be a pleasant conversation.

It seems that the people who run the K9 training class overbooked and needed to bump someone, so I got moved from the October class to the January class. The chief of my department just found out about it on Monday, and reportedly he tried to appeal based on the fact that according to CBP policy the person with more seniority shouldn't be the one bumped. Unfortunately, the people who run the class aren't CBP (I believe they are USDA) and they denied his appeal.

Bummer #1: No doggie for me until next year. ;_;

Bummer #2: Now my schedule has to be completely rearranged, because I was supposed to start a canine schedule next week. They'll keep next week's schedule the same, because it's too late to do anything about it now, but after that I have no idea what my schedule will be.

However, it isn't ALL bad.

Benefit #1: I will be in town for YaoiCon.

Benefit #2: I won't have to wait until January to start house-hunting, I can start this fall after my GS-12 promotion goes into effect.

Benefit #3: I can keep harvesting things (such as these strawberries) from my balcony garden until winter.

It's hard to shift gears so quickly--my brain was already celebrating my last week of being a baggage inpector, and now I have three more months of it--but I'm sure it will turn out well enough.
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