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Hawaii Vacation Trip Report: Part III

Sunday, June 20
We started the morning by going to IHOP for Father's Day breakfast...and so did everyone else, it seemed. We had a half hour wait just to be seated. Once we had eaten, megory and I let Dad have some time to himself while we occupied ourselves with shopping. We began in the Hilton Village shops, which kept us busy for a while. One of the swimwear shops even had a bikini that was the perfect style/color combination for me...but it was priced at $75 for each piece. I couldn't justify paying that much for something I only wear once every five years or so.

Eventually we made our way out of the resort and headed down Kalakaua Avenue, which is lined with shops of all kinds. We found a couple things to buy at the Waikiki Shopping Plaza. I bought a lovely quilt and pillow cover set. It was apparently too early in the day for most shoppers, since we practically had the whole place to ourselves. Next we went across the street to have pizza for lunch. We continued on through a flea market, where we admired many of the wares and made a few purchases. I was tempted by this sign, but I don't have a car, so it would have been silly to buy it.

After that we went through the International Market Place. There were loads of interesting things there, and we both spent more money. Just as we were almost finished, we received a call that one of my brothers and his friends had arrived at their hotel, so we walked over to meet up with them. They all had plans to get up early the next day and take a package tour, so we wouldn't see them again for a while.

Monday, June 21
We borrowed my uncle's car and took one of my brother's friends with us for a drive. We stopped at the Pali Lookout, which has a view that can take one's breath away. From there we went to Kailua and stopped to eat at a cozy Thai restaurant. After we drove back and returned the car, we figured out how to use the bus to get to the Waikiki Aquarium, which was near the official wedding hotel. We waited there until my third brother and his wife arrived and then took them out for drinks at a place a few blocks away. We managed to arrive in the middle of happy hour, so we all sat around a table, called some friends to meet us there, and had various drinks and snacks while gazing out at the ocean. We discovered a tasty concoction called a Lava Flow. Even the guys at the table were ordering them...

I went with megory for a bit more shopping, and we checked out a swimwear shop where I was able to find a suit I liked at a reasonable price. (Actually, the shopkeeper let me mix-and-match two different suits to get what I wanted.) I was all set for the party.

Tuesday, June 22
My brother and his girlfriend invited us to go to the zoo with them, so we joined them for a casual walk from their hotel. On the way, we pointed out various (shopping) spots of interest. We also happened across a couple of guys with a flock of macaws that they let us pose with for pictures, which was an unexpected treat.

The zoo itself, when we got there, was small compared to others I've seen, but it did have some nice displays. In particular, the napping lemurs were adorable. There were also some toys to keep the "kids" amused.

We were all picked up and taken to the bride's parents' house for the meet-and-greet party. They live on the side of a mountain, so their house has an amazing view of the ocean. They also have a salt water swimming pool decorated with a dolphin mosaic. Their garden in the back, although steep, is filled with numerous brightly colored plants and flowers.

The party went quite well. I was asked to make something with potatoes, so I threw together a cheesy potato casserole. It took a while to finish baking, so the party was well underway by the time it was done. I took my serving, then I changed into my hard-won bathing suit and spent some time in the pool. I was told later that fights nearly broke out over the last helpings.

Wednesday, June 23
My dad said he wanted to go swimming, so various friends came over to do that with him. I chose to use the morning to do some last-minute shopping, as I had several souvenirs left to buy. I did make some progress on my shopping list, but I had only covered two of the three floors at Ala Moana when I was called back to attend a pre-rehearsal lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. They don't kid around with their portions, that's for certain.

After lunch we all browsed through the shops at King's Village before we headed to the aquarium area for the rehearsal. It took longer to get everyone assembled than to go through the motions of the ceremony. Everyone then piled into cars and went to Chinatown for the rehearsal dinner.

Thursday, June 24
The day of the wedding had finally arrived...which meant it was time for absolute last minute shopping. I covered the final floor at Ala Moana, where I found a couple of nice shops and bought my last souvenir.

We got all dressed up and went to the meeting place at the wedding hotel. The groom and his men gathered for a photo shoot...or were they just playing around?

The wedding itself was held at Waimanalo Beach. It was a beautiful day, though the wind was blowing something fierce. I didn't get any pictures of the ceremony, but I'm sure plenty of other people did. The newlyweds stuck around for pictures and hugs.

The wedding reception was held at the Waikiki Aquarium, which we had all to ourselves. I took a few minutes to walk through and see the exhibits before the meal began. When the sun started to go down, everyone hopped up and rushed over to the ocean side while the newlyweds posed again for more pictures. It was such a romantic setting, even my parents got in on the smoochie action.

After the dinner and dancing, we returned to our hotel room to finish packing. We had an early flight, so we had to leave before dawn the next morning.

That concludes my Hawaii Vacation 2010!
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