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Amparo Bertram

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09:54 am: Hawaii Vacation Trip Report: Prelude
Now that I have a couple days to myself, I can finally get caught up on my trip reports. I'll back up to the very beginning of June, while my parents were visiting me. Most of the time, they travelled around the Bay Area on their own because I had to work, but occasionally I could go with them.

On June 1, we scheduled an afternoon tour using an online package. This is something I had never done before, since I have wonderful friends who have taken me around to see the sights. Anyway, we took the Caltrain into the city, which was another first for me, as I have only ever used it to travel south. The tour company had a bus waiting to pick us up at the train station after lunch, and we were on our way. We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge (yes, that is fog, not smog) to see the redwood trees at Muir Woods. We spent about an hour walking around the trails and enjoying the various flora and fauna. In particular, just as we were returning to the beginning of the trail, we saw a doe grazing in plain view. She had two fawns nearby, but they were hard to spot amid all the ferns. On the way back from the woods, the tour bus stopped in Sausalito. We wandered among the shops there, where we saw some interesting Dr. Seuss art for sale at a gallery, though for far more money than any of us could afford.

On June 2, we went back into the city to visit the Exploratorium. (Okay, I admit, the photo isn't of the building itself, but this one is much more impressive.) We spent several hours there and still didn't see all of the exhibits. megory was particularly interested in the machine that measured reaction time. After that we walked along the shore and through the Fort Mason park until we got to Ghirardelli Square. It took a while to find a reasonable non-seafood restaurant where vegetarians could eat lunch. We wound up trying the Buena Vista Cafe, which is apparently famous for its Irish Coffee.

Aside from that, we mainly spent our time with marathons of various series that my parents hadn't seen before. This included the third season of Due South, of which I only caught a handful of episodes when it originally aired. Somehow, I had the impression I had watched more than I actually did; a number of the plot developments took me by surprise. The day before we left, I took photos of my plants, in case any of them failed to survive. Here are my indoor plants. (Front, l-r: kaffir lime tree, curry tree, willow bay laurel tree, curry tree. Rear, l-r: lavender, thyme, rosemary, alpine strawberries, stevia.) Outside are the balcony plants. (Railing boxes, f-b: strawberries, lettuce, pineapple mint. White windowboxes f-b: Thai basil, cinnamon basil, sweet basil, scarlet runner beans, golden pineapple sage, maraschino cherry salvia. Railing-side pot: lemongrass. Tiered planter: mint, Thai hot peppers, lemon verbeena, marjoram, oregano, chives, and last year's parsley. Front pot: Meiwa kumquat tree and chocolate mint. Black grow bag: serrano pepper. Rear pot: Nagami kumquat tree, mint rose scented geranium, cinnamon scented geranium, attar of rose scented geranium.)

Sunday morning on June 13, we did our final packing. My building manager said that he would water my plants while I was gone, which was quite kind of him. We headed to the airport that afternoon and headed to Hawaii, arriving at Honolulu Airport and staying at a nearby hotel that my uncle who lives in Hawaii arranged for us.



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Date:July 1st, 2010 06:50 pm (UTC)
until we got to Ghirardelli Square.

I totally thought this was going to be a place to buy lots of chocolate, not lunch. I'm disappointed on your behalf.

So many plants!

maraschino cherry salvia

Is that edible, or just a delicious-sounding name? Also, did all your plants survive the trip, or are you going to keep us in suspense for the rest of the report?
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Date:July 1st, 2010 07:29 pm (UTC)
I totally thought this was going to be a place to buy lots of chocolate, not lunch.

We thought about buying chocolate (we went inside and got free samples), but megory was hoping to find Ghirardelli Chocolate Coffee, and they didn't carry any.

Is that edible, or just a delicious-sounding name?

The name refers to the bright pink color of the flowers. I think it is edible, since it's the same genus as sage, though I believe the flavor isn't as pronounced as the culinary varieties. The leaves have a pungent/minty smell.

Also, did all your plants survive the trip, or are you going to keep us in suspense for the rest of the report?

All of them survived, though some did suffer heat damage, the strawberries in particular.
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Date:July 2nd, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, OK, at least there WAS chocolate there. Now, instead of disappointment, I feel admiration for your restraint.

Yay, I'm glad your plants all made it!
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