Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Spring Fever

Warm weather has returned, and with it my passion for growing things. I've been devouring gardening books and picking out new herbs to plant on my balcony. It's amazing the variety of books available these days. I remember back when I was tiny, and Square Foot Gardening was like a revolutionary new idea. Now all the gardening books seem to take it for granted. I have a couple books specifically about growing plants in containers (my favorite is McGee & Stuckey's Bountiful Container) that have given me a lot of inspiration...and of course caused me to order a bunch of new supplies and seedlings. This year I've decided to reserve one section of my balcony for a few plants that are supposed to attract hummingbirds. (I know they're around, because I saw one here last year.) I'm looking forward to the day when I will have a bit more space and can actually plant things in the ground.

One of my kumquat trees is starting to sprout new leaves, which is nice, though the other one isn't. I'm hoping that it's just a normal varietal difference, and it will start putting out new leaves soon. The other possibility is that it put all its winter energy into ripening fruit, and now it's playing catchup. I suppose I'll find out eventually. On one of my trips to the local garden center, I wound up buying another tree, this one a kaffir lime. My intent is to keep it as a house plant...mainly because it won't fit on the balcony with everything else out there. It seems to be happy enough for now in front of my living room window.

In addition to starting new plants, I'm also enjoying the harvests of plants that lasted through the winter. I preserved some of the last of my winter kumquats with sugar and rum, and the resulting liqueur is turning out to be quite tasty. (For the curious, it's ~10 kumquats sliced in half lengthwise put in an 8oz. jelly jar with 1/4 cup sugar and topped off with rum, then kept in a closet and shaken once a week.) Today I had my first cup of mint tea with leaves clipped fresh from my planter, and potato soup flavored with rosemary from the plant I got as a party favor at my brother's wedding last year. Mmmm.

Other than obsessing over gardening, I've been spending the past few weeks watching the MacGyver DVDs that I splurged on back in March. Before I started, I had thought that I had seen pretty much the entire series. I'm currently up to season four, and I've come to realize that, aside from the Penny Parker episodes, I've really only seen a handful of the early shows. It's interesting to watch them all in a marathon. I can catch things like when actors show up in different roles (particularly the Asian actors, there must have been a shortage). There's one episode in season three, "Kill Zone," that stands out as having a much lower quality than all the other episodes. The film in some shots appears low budget, and there is a serious lack of extras. (A huge underground research facility self destructs, and there is only ONE scientist in the entire compound, what?) Anyway, I think I'm finally catching up to the more familiar part of the show.

News from work is that the canine positions that were approved and then rejected earlier this year were re-approved. I applied as soon as it was announced. Now I just have to wait and see. The rumor is that quite a few people have applied, though who knows how reliable such rumors might be. I hope the decision doesn't take too long.
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