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The holiday season begins with a bang

This past week has been quite eventful. Last Monday my new knives arrived, and I set out to test them right away. I baked a batch of buttermilk bread, and the bread knife in my set cut like a dream. I polished off about half a loaf in one sitting, together with asiago cheese spread. [Note: This isn't exactly the recipe I used, but the one I found last week is no longer showing up in Google results. The one I used was the same except only 1T basil leaves and 1cup oil.]

I took a loaf of bread together with the cheese spread to the CBP holiday potluck on Wednesday. ...And by potluck, what they mean is 90% of the people just pay $10 into a pool for somebody to go out and buy a bunch of food. The selection was really good...for non-vegetarians. Along with what I brought, I was able to eat some pita and hummus, baked baby potatoes, lasagna, and potato chips. I tried the macaroni salad, but I discovered that it had tuna mixed in. None of the dishes had labels listing the ingredients, or even the names of the contents, so there were a number of things I didn't even risk trying. (I put a handwritten note with my cheese spread, but even so, one person told me he thought it was guacamole. ~_~) On the bright side, I won a $10 gift card to Subway in the raffle.

On Friday, there was some kind of accident early in the morning that resulted in flooding in the basement where luggage is loaded onto the conveyor belts that take it to the baggage carousels. This meant none of the luggage could be loaded for about an hour. We had four flights full of people packed into the baggage area waiting for their luggage. As you might imagine, when they finally got their luggage, they were not at all pleased to be selected for an agriculture inspection. Several complained quite vociferously about having to (gasp!) wait in line, making the supervisors wish they were on night shift.

On Sunday, the members of a certain reality show came through my terminal. The supervisor on duty had been told in advance that they were coming, and let us know that we shouldn't let it disrupt our duties in any way. It caused about five minutes of excitement as people were like, "You see those guys running? That's them."

* * *
Holiday travel tips

Tip 1: If you are traveling internationally, do not take wrapped presents. I know it's the holiday season, but if you are picked for inspection, the inspector may be forced to cut open your gift, thereby ruining your pretty packaging and wasting the wrapping paper. Wrap presents upon arrival at your destination.

Tip 2: If you ignored Tip 1 and an inspector is cutting open your packages, DO NOT attempt to "help" by asking to borrow the knife to do it yourself. Trying to take a weapon from a federal law enforcement officer at an airport is NOT a good idea.
* * *

Outside of work, I took my next belt test in tae kwon do. It was originally scheduled for last Sunday, but I couldn't make it because I was working, so the headmaster stayed after class on Wednesday to let me take the test. I didn't do all that well on the breaking portion, but the rest went okay, and I got my green belt.
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