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Buying books and crossing bridges

As the time for my trip to Japan approaches, I feel like there just isn't enough time to get everything done. I've gotten my credit cards in order, and the hotel reservations are made, and I bought my plane tickets. My biggest concern right now is my poor patio garden. I'm getting a nice crop of green tomatoes, but I'm afraid they won't be ripe before it's time for me to leave. The plants can't go for two days without being watered, much less two weeks. The other thing on my mind is that my annual leave hasn't shown up on the work schedule, despite the fact that it's already been approved on the computer AND I've emailed the supervisor in charge of the scheduling team twice about it. I emailed a third time this past week after the "final" version of the schedule came out with my leave still not on it.

Aside from that, work has been going as usual. The biggest thrill (if you can call it that for something that scares you to pieces) was that I had to drive to Oakland on Friday to help out at the maritime port. Driving locally is bad enough. Driving one of those huge CBP SUVs on the highway over the Oakland Bay hands were frozen to the steering wheel with terror, particularly when I was sandwiched between the wall of the bridge on one side and a semi truck on the other. All it would take is one slip in concentration--by ANY driver--and boom. Ugh, I don't know how people can stand to do that every day.

On the bright side, I only have two more weeks left of cargo training. Half of a week will be spent at the desk answering phones, so not much more driving to do.

In other news, on Saturday the 11th I met up with Jenn and her friend in Berkeley to go shopping for used books. I had the foresight to bring a wheeled bag along to carry my purchases. We walked all over town, hitting at least six different stores. I wound up buying about $100 worth of books, enough to fill up another whole bookshelf. We ate lunch at a new Mediterranean place where you not only have to borrow a key to use the bathroom, you have to use the key to activate a secret elevator, and then use it again inside the elevator, just to GET TO the bathroom. That is one heavily fortified bathroom.

Jenn mentioned that she hangs out on Facebook, but she never reads LiveJournal, and I also received an invitation to join a Facebook community set up by some former college classmates, so I set up an account over there to keep in touch. I still plan to do all of my posting here, though.

And now the dirty dishes are calling...
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