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Amparo Bertram

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09:51 pm: The week in review
Friday I had the day off, so I ventured into San Francisco to have a look around Chinatown. I figured that stores would open around 9am, since it was a weekday, so that's when I timed my arrival. It turned out that many of the stores don't open until around 10:30, so mostly all I could see were the building exteriors. There were a couple of shops doing business, so I browsed there, and as it approached 10am the small grocery shops with their tables of vegetables spilling out onto the sidewalk were packed with customers. After picking up a few things there, I headed back home.

On Saturday I had my tae kwon do belt test. The numerous small children had their test before ours. My group consisted of three boys, three teen girls, and three adult women. We all had to show off our kicking and punching abilities, go through our memorized form, and break two boards (one with a punch, one with a kick). I managed to break the first board okay, though I slammed my wrist bone against the wood, from which I now have a nice purple bruise. It took me four tries to break the second board, which was more than anyone else. Regardless, I now have a bright shiny yellow belt.

Sunday morning, I cleaned my kitchen pretty thoroughly, including mopping the floor. I'm sure the hair tumbleweeds will respawn far too quickly, though.

Today I heard an update on the canine situation. They apparently had offered the beagle position to one of my coworkers, who then decided he didn't really want it. So now the chief is recommending me for it, though headquarters still has to make the final determination. However, the ten-week training course starts in mid-July, at which time I will still be doing my cargo training. (Not only that, but if I go then, I won't be able to attend Comiket in August. ;_;) The chief wishes we could postpone so that he wouldn't have to juggle my training schedule around, but the canine training slots are so tightly planned that if I miss this one I'm told I won't get another chance before next year. We'll see how it goes.

The big issue on everyone's mind at work is, of course, the swine flu outbreak. They've issued us lots of hand sanitizer and face masks for those who wish to wear them. The morning shift only gets one small flight from Mexico, and we're all wearing disposable gloves for everything anyway, so there isn't too much concern.



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Date:April 28th, 2009 02:10 pm (UTC)
Is your chief going to be willing to delay some of the cargo training until after the canine stuff if they won't move the dates?

That's what he thinks he'll have to do. He's not thrilled about it, but he'd like to have another canine officer sooner rather than later.

Also, did you hear anything about your language test?

Nothing yet.
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