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Amparo Bertram

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11:33 pm: The heat is on
Still no word about my canine application, though I should be hearing something any day now, if the supervisor I talked to was correct in his estimation that it should take two or three weeks. I also haven't heard anything about the language test that I requested that would increase my pay for being able to speak Japanese. Another member of my class (with the same supervisor that I have) is in the same predicament with his application for the Vietnamese test. One of my coworkers with a different supervisor has already taken the test for Tagalog; she heard back right away after she applied. I'm wondering if my direct supervisor, who recently moved to cargo inspection, somehow misplaced the applications and didn't turn them in.

A further bump in the road is that, although my schedule was supposedly finalized, my date for starting cargo training was delayed three weeks. That means I won't start until May 25. On the bright side, that means I'll be working more Sundays in the interim, which pays more. Since I spent quite a bit on knitting supplies and Indian cooking supplies this month, every bit helps.

The weather here has been nice...TOO nice, perhaps. It got to be over 90° in my apartment this afternoon, and that's with the balcony door open to catch a breeze. I tried switching my thermostat to cool, but nothing happened, so I suspect my apartment is not equipped with air conditioning. I'll have to ask the manager about that tomorrow. My coworkers tell me such high temperatures are unusual for the area and seldom last long.



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Date:April 20th, 2009 12:11 pm (UTC)
It would be unusual for the area if your apartment had air conditioning.

But then why does the thermostat have a "cool" setting...?

Will you be able to follow up with your supervisor re: the applications, or would that be awkward?

I can ask about it. But if he didn't turn them in, I can't really do anything about it for another six months when they give the tests again. The deadline was the beginning of April.
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