Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Tamales of the living dead

A.k.a. "I survived two weeks on the graveyard shift."

It turns out that the late night shift really isn't too bad overall. The most inconvenient part of it was that the BART stops running before all of the passengers are gone. Luckily, one of my coworkers with a car was willing to drive me home most nights, which saved me from having to take the once-per-hour bus much. Also, it just so happened that a cold ravaged through the ag specialists, and a number of people wound up calling in sick, making things a bit frantic as the rest of us had to cover for them. One guy called in sick for the first time in six years. I had sniffles for two days, but that was about it.

The work load is relatively light, and I had enough down time to finish the blouse I was working on. (And that's including having to pull out one entire side because the gauge given in the instructions was on crack.) The hardest part of the job is that most of the late night flights are from Mexico and Central America, which require an entirely different set of X-ray skills. For example, the morning shift gets lots of Asian flights, and we have to be on the alert for poultry products because they have bird flu. There's no bird flu in the Americas, though, so everyone can bring in as much chicken as they like. (And they do...everyone comes in with a big bag of fried chicken. Or two. Or three.) The language is also a problem. I kept my mouth shut as much as I could. Although I studied Spanish in high school and college, every time I thought about asking a passenger for food, the sentence forming in my brain was something like, "Comida ga arimasu ka?"...which no doubt would have been highly amusing to my coworkers.

There isn't much other news here. I've been continuing my experiments with making Indian food, and I've found several winners so far. I've also ordered a number of balls of sock yarn. Now I just need to get some needles and I can start experimenting with knitting.

I'm making plans to attend the cherry blossom festival in San Francisco on April 11th. The cherry trees in my neighborhood are mostly done blooming by now, so the date seems a bit late, but I'm sure there will be a lot to enjoy. I have also been scheduled for my first tae kwon do belt test on April 25th...I just don't know if I'll be able to attend. It probably depends on whether I can get someone to swap me for that day off.
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