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No idle fingers here

Work has been going smoothly. Tomorrow I'll be starting my first late-night (5pm-1am) shift, for which I hope I will be able to stay awake. A lot of people like that shift for many reasons, including A) being able to sleep in, B) getting paid an extra 15%, and C) fewer flights and thus less work. I hear there's a lot of down time, during which people can sit at their desks and read. The down side (other than having to stay awake) is that I won't be able to make it to any of my Warcraft evening raids. Luckily, my tae kwon do place has just started offering noon lessons, so I can at least still do that.

A position with the beagle brigade has opened up at the airport, and the head supervisor told me that I can apply for it even though I haven't been here for a year yet. Whether I get it or not will depend on how many people apply.

Some of the things in my herb garden have begun to sprout, which is exciting to watch. Hopefully more will start popping up this week.

The yarn that I ordered arrived, so I've been able to start work on my blanket project. When I used to crochet in college, I always used the cheapest yarn available. It's pretty enough, but it has a plasticky feel to it that isn't entirely satisfying. This time I've been looking into higher quality yarn. On Thursday I went back to the nearest yarn shop (the one closed Mondays) and browsed through their collection for yarn to make a blouse matching a skirt I bought at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I wound up picking a type that's around $9 per skein--much higher than the cheap stuff, but hopefully it will feel nicer when I wear it.

One of the things I've been wanting to try is making my own socks. It's always a challenge to find socks in the colors that I want for matching my clothes. I thought that if I made them myself, I could pick whatever color I wanted. I looked up the location of the nearest Michaels, which turns out to be relatively easy to get to ("relatively" because only every other train stops at its station, as I found out the hard way). Sadly, they only had two skeins of sock yarn in the entire store. I tried looking sock yarn up online, and not only is it expensive ($18-$25 per skein), most places that produce it dye it into weird color combinations for making striped socks. Few places make solid colors, which is what I wear. Alpaca Sox is the most promising I found so far, although I kind of want to get Sleeping Dragon just for the name...
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