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Amparo Bertram

When it rains, it pours

I've had a pretty busy couple of weeks. To start off, when I went out on my day at the farmer's market, I bought a large Indian food cookbook. I decided to try cooking a number of the recipes in it, starting with making my own cheese. That actually went rather well, with the exception of the slight mishap when the gallon of water I was using as a weight slipped and fell on the floor, spilling water everywhere. The cheese came out okay once I got the weight to stay in place.

I had to get a number of Indian spices for the recipes, so I tracked down a small Indian grocery in a neighboring town. I filled my basket full of goodies and took them to the register, where the man at the counter stared at me in shock.

Man: You know how to cook?!

Me: ...Yes...I like cooking...

Man: Where did you learn?!

Me: ...From a cookbook...?

I wondered if I really looked so inept that it was unbelievable that I could cook. It took a few moments for it to register that he meant "cook Indian food."

On Saturday, I took a trip to San Francisco. I started by having lunch in Japantown, where I browsed a bit at Kinokuniya. From there I went to see Wicked at the Orpheum downtown. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would after listening to the soundtrack...although I was distracted through most of the performance by making Avatar music videos to all the songs in my head. I would have bought some of the merchandise afterward, but sadly the items I wanted were more than double the price I was willing to pay.

After that, my next project was to start an herb garden on my balcony. I purchased a hexagonal tiered planter online. The challenge was putting it together, since the instructions were in German, and none of the wooden slats were labelled. I somehow managed.

Before I had the chance to find something to cover the large drainage hole in the bottom so that I could fill it with soil, it started storming here. It's been gusting wind and pouring rain for the past couple days, and the rain is expected to continue through tomorrow. I think the weather is causing them to re-route planes over my town from the airport, because I've heard more of them flying overhead in the past three days than I have in the 2+ months since I moved in.

Another task that has proven somewhat difficult has been locating a craft store where I can buy yarn for crochet projects. I found one online located in the next town, so I used my day off on Monday to check it out. I was flabbergasted to find that it is closed on Mondays. (The shop hours weren't listed on its web site.) I've had that happen in Japan, but I never expected it here. I tried going three towns north to Colma, the location of the nearest Joann's. Sadly, it is a small branch store and doesn't have much of a selection. It seems I'm back to ordering online.

My tae kwon do classes are proceeding well. I got a pair of special shoes at my last lesson that I can wear on the mat. That way I can stop constantly worrying about slipping on sweat, which has been making it difficult for me up until now.
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