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Today is the official last day of my passenger baggage training period. Starting next week I will be on the regular schedule. I have already had my introduction to the wonderful world of shift-swapping. That is, the supervisors don't care who works during each shift, as long as someone does. So if a person is assigned an unfavorable shift, the challenge is then to find out who would be willing to swap for a more convenient one. For example, one of my co-workers comes in a carpool with another person, but that only works if they both have the same shift hours and the same days off. When the times or days don't match, she has to swap around with other people until they do. I helped out a bit by swapping one of my Thursdays off with one of her Mondays. The problem with all this swapping is that you have to be careful to remember which days you are actually supposed to be working...

There was a bit of excitement last week when we had a group of people come through with 50 cartons of cigarettes each. Now, everyone is allowed ONE carton of cigarettes duty-free, but any more than that and customs charges just under $5 in duty per carton. For one or two extra cartons, it generally isn't worth the effort to collect the money, but when the amount of duty owed is over a thousand dollars, you better believe they are all over it. A couple days ago a routine search uncovered an entire (taxidermy-finished) sea turtle in someone's carryon bag. We can't seize such items for destruction under customs authority, because they don't have any diseases or pests that would damage US agriculture, but we have to detain them until someone from Fish and Wildlife can examine them to see if they are endangered. No endangered animals, or any body parts thereof, are allowed into the country without proper paperwork.

On Saturday I went to the Ferry Building as kirbyfest suggested to see the farmer's market. That was pretty neat, and I wound up purchasing several flavors of jam and olive oil, plus an awesome vegetarian cookbook.

On Sunday I went to mangaroo's place to watch more Avatar, which turned into an overnight marathon to finish the series. It certainly does get exponentially better with each season. Here was a fun excerpt from the marathon session:

Me: Argh! I know I've heard Toph's father's voice before...

mangaroo: You'll never guess where.

Me: ??

mangaroo: He's the voice of Malygos from World of Warcraft.

Me: !!

It was definitely entertaining.
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