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Home is where you hang your badge

I made it back from Maryland with a two-hour delay sitting on the runway in Dallas. I started work immediately the next day, where I discovered that not only did our two trainers have to deal with the eight of us returning from the academy, they had twelve more trainees getting ready to head off to the academy in January. Needless to say, they are scrambling to find enough people to show us all what we should be doing.

I did get a couple hours of real practice on Friday. It's amazing how powerful one feels when deciding whether the person with a cart loaded down with bags who just said, "No, no I didn't bring ANY food" is going to get sent through the agricultural inspection line regardless. Some people insist they have no food when they have a suitcase full of goodies; other people will spontaneously empty their pockets to hand over their kids' snacks (despite mournful looks) even when such snacks are allowable. It's quite a spectrum.

Today I signed the lease for a one-bedroom apartment. The location is about four blocks from a BART station that's two stops from the airport. There is a grocery store and a branch of my bank literally across the street. The building manager lives in the apartment directly beneath mine, and he seems determined to maintain a quiet, friendly community. He says that most of the tenants are flight attendants. I made an appointment for someone to come install cable and internet service, but the earliest they can come is next Saturday. Once mangaroo helps me move to the new place tomorrow, I'll be cut off for a while.

A whole week without internet. It's a good thing I got some books as an early Christmas present...
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