Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

All hail the Fork Fairy

I'll start out with a little story that goes all the way back to the beginning of training. Our first day, no one brought any lunch, so we all went out to eat at local restaurants. That evening, foreseeing many days of bringing my own lunch, I went down to the grocery store and picked up a set of disposable plates and forks.

When lunchtime rolled around the next day, I happily whipped out my supplies and settled in for a leisurely meal. As it turned out, a number of other people had brought lunches as well...but not all of them remembered to bring utensils. I wound up handing out about four forks to those in need. I figured they had learned a good lesson, and everyone would remember to bring their utensils after that.

Of course, things rarely go so smoothly. Since that time, I've gotten one or two requests for forks every week, the most recent being just this past Friday. One of the other class members dubbed me the "Fork Fairy."

Our class has finished up the pest identification section, and now we're learning the rules about what our authority is and which forms we need to fill out to cover any conceivable incident. The trend of giving us WAY more study time than necessary has, unfortunately, continued. Even giving us extended lunch and bathroom breaks and letting us leave a half hour early, one of the instructors has had to resort to playing games with us to keep us occupied after we've finished everything on the schedule.

We still can't wear our uniforms because we're waiting on two last people to get their shirts. Hopefully we'll be able to make the switch by Thursday or Friday. Next Monday at the latest.

I got a bit ticked off at my roommate last weekend. While I was in my bedroom using my computer, she invited some classmates over and cooked a meal for them. That part was all well and good. After they finished and left, though, I went out into the kitchen to find that my frying pan, which I had bought in California and brought all the way over here in my suitcase, had developed a number of scratches in the non-stick surface. Clearly my roommate used it in preparing the meal, but didn't know how to take proper care of it. I was ready to bawl her out for it, but she didn't come back that day until after I had gone to bed. Instead, I decided that I would just keep all of my cooking supplies in my closet and only bring them out to the kitchen when I was using them.

I'm also frustrated with the hotel's housekeeping staff. Not only do they come on days they aren't supposed to (my roommate and I signed up, in writing, for Monday/Thursday service, and I've reminded the front desk THREE TIMES since then), they do all kinds of things that range from weird (such as occasionally leaving my sink and bathtub drains closed) to downright annoying (such as washing the bathroom sink soap dishes by putting them in the dishwasher) and even slightly dangerous (such as jostling the electric heating elements on the stove out of their slots when cleaning and not putting them back). The worst thing they've done is that, while cleaning my room on one of the days they weren't supposed to be doing it, they took my personal hand towel. As soon as I came back from training and realized it was missing, I reported it to the front desk, with a full description to distinguish it from the hotel towels. (Aside from being somewhat white, it doesn't even look the same. It's half the thickness, for one thing.) That was a week ago, and they still haven't found it. I'm just afraid someone on the housekeeping staff thought it was "defective" and threw it away, and now they don't want to admit it.

On the bright side, the new Warcraft expansion comes out this Thursday. My guild has been making a last effort at clearing the current raid instances, and we had an exciting weekend of progress. We got as far as killing Brutallus, the second boss in Sunwell Plateau, the hardest 25-person raid in the current game. (Granted it is far easier now than when it was first released, but still, not everyone can do it.) I'm just sorry that the hotel wireless connection is laggy and unreliable. (I disconnected three times during our successful attempt on Brutallus, so I wasn't much help.) A group of us here that play Warcraft are planning on going out together to purchase our copies of the expansion. It's kind of a shame that we can't take any days off to play, but I'm sure the first couple days will have a lot of lag and server crashes anyway, so we won't be too far behind.
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