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I had a lovely visit with my parents last weekend. They drove me around shopping, and we paid a visit to some local wineries plus a nearby outlet mall. megory was able to get a pair of shoes just like my new ones for a considerable discount.

The training week started with our first test. We will be having 12 tests over the course of the 10-week program, and we need 80% on each test to pass. After the test, we started working on identifying plant diseases and weed seeds. They gave us samples to look at, and we matched them to illustrations and samples in our study booklets. We had our test over that material on Friday and then moved on to the entomology segment. We will be doing the same thing--looking at bugs preserved in alcohol and matching them with illustrations and an identification key. The nice thing is that we don't have to memorize the names of everything, we just have to know how to look them up in our reference books. That makes the tests relatively easy.

On Friday, some boxes of our new uniforms arrived. Not everyone has all the pieces yet, though. For example, I have the pants and shoes but not the shirts. We won't start wearing them until everyone in the class has at least one full set, so that we all match.

In my spare time, I've gotten rather addicted to the Animal Planet channel, which I've never had before. I've also started working out a bit in the evenings, mainly because sitting in a classroom for eight hours a day can't possibly be very good for me.

I discovered that several other members of the class are also Warcraft players. We decided to start new characters together on a server to form our own CBP guild, just for playing around.

My main guild, Wicked Claw, has been working on making further progress in Black Temple now that the latest patch has made the bosses easier. Last night we killed Reliquary of Souls and Mother Sharaz, both of which were new for us. We were hoping to go back and finish the last two encounters, but it seems the instance servers are all down tonight, so we'll have to try again next week.
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