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Saturday, mangaroo took me along to YaoiCon for some autograph sessions, Yamato Nase and Lynn Flewelling. We came in at the end of the Yamato Nase panel, so we didn't really see much other than a few of her drawings that she was displaying. The Lynn Flewelling "meet and greet" panel was interesting, though I never got picked to ask my question. I guess I just wasn't aggressive enough with the hand raising. Anyway, she had a few memorable quotes:

"Corrupting people, one book at a time."

Re: Other authors who portray gay characters as victims
"<cough> Mercedes Lackey <cough>"

Re: Talking to her sons about homosexuality
"Gay is good! If you turn out to be gay, great!"

After the panel, I had a brief chance to see photoash while fetching something from her room. It's a shame we didn't have more time to chat.

On Sunday, mangaroo drove me all over to buy the black shoes, socks, and belt required for my training in Maryland. The shoes I bought were fairly expensive, but they came highly recommended, and they seem to be comfortable and well padded so far. The belt was trickier, because there were very few size small belts available, and most of them had rhinestones or other decorative aspects that I didn't feel would be appropriate. The one I picked has a big shiny (stainless steel?) buckle with the brand name engraved in it, so I'm not sure it will be acceptable, but it was the best I could find.

Monday I spent all day doing more online lessons. I finally started getting to things that are need-to-know information. There were also lessons on how to keep "for office use only" information confidential.

Tuesday I finished up my online lessons and spent some time in the passenger area watching baggage searches. It was interesting to see the things that people bring from overseas...and how many people lie about bringing forbidden items, such as dried beef or fresh fruit. One person even brought a whole bag full of live snails. It was also informative to see that there are a number of tough judgment calls to make, particularly when someone brings a "spice" or "herbal medicine" that can't be immediately identified...especially so when the person in question can't speak English.

Today I'll be having a meeting with someone doing my Homeland Security background check. I hope that goes well.
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