Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Interviewage part II: The Revenge

Two weeks ago I went to Chicago for a job interview. I thought it went well, but apparently not well enough, because I just heard today that they decided to go with someone else.

Last Friday I took the video interview for the CBP position. The information I received said that it can take up to six weeks to determine whether I pass or fail. Hopefully I will pass, since if I fail I will be ineligible to take the interview again for a year. The person who set up the video at the customs office seemed to think that my application process would be expedited because I am female, and the government is trying to hire more women, particularly in agricultural areas. (My father, who works for the Department of Agriculture, has been saying this for years.) Of course, that could just mean it will be closer to the four month end of the estimated time frame than the nine month end.

After the interview, I went to hang out with wednesday_10_00, where she showed me a marathon of this season's Project Runway. On Saturday, the two of us joined up with mereflair and her husband for a trip to an Asian supermarket in Chicago followed by attending a Jim Gaffigan performance. There were a number of mishaps along the way, including an attempt to drive the wrong way down a one-way street and a miscalculation of the time zone in northwest Indiana, but we survived the trip unscathed, thanks to wednesday_10_00's mad driving skillz.

I apparently picked up the sniffles from mereflair's husband, but it's a pretty mild case. Wednesday I said goodbye to my brother, florelhime, and their beagle Sakura as they set off for Scotland. My brother is planning to return after two weeks, but florelhime is studying for her master's degree there, possibly to be extended to a doctorate. I'm looking forward to seeing any pictures they might take of their experiences there.
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