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After waiting about a week for a response, I finally heard that my Chicago interview will be scheduled for this coming Wednesday afternoon. A location wasn't specified (not even "in my office"), but when I wrote back to ask, I received a form email that the person will be out of town and not answering anything until Tuesday. The Chicago position has a considerably lower salary than the SF one, though I don't know how the cost of living compares between the two cities.

My video interview for the SF position was scheduled for August 22 in Detroit. They will show me a video and note my response. The instructions say that no specialized knowledge is necessary; I guess they are simply rating personality for things like positive attitude.

I'm assuming that the university will want someone who can begin immediately for the start of the school year, whereas the federal position is still pending the background check until probably late fall. This now makes me torn, because though the SF position seems more favorable (higher salary, promotion potential), I won't find out for a long time whether I will actually get it. If they offer me the Chicago position, I would hate to turn down something better for it, yet on the other hand if I don't take the Chicago position and later get rejected for the SF job, then I'm back where I started. Ugh. Of course, it all depends on how the interview goes, so...

In Warcraft news, my guild has progressed to the fourth boss in Black Temple. We're confident that we'll be able to get the fifth after a bit of practice. We've been throwing ourselves at the final boss of Mount Hyjal as well, and our best attempt so far has whittled him down to 64% life. It's an improvement, but we need to do better.
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