Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Grin and bear it

I had a great time at wednesday_10_00's birthday party this weekend. Both photoash and mereflair attended, and we sat around chatting and eating more food than was good for us and playing with kitties. It's too bad the weekend couldn't have lasted longer.

Today I was surprised to receive a request for an interview for a position at the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois. I applied for the position nearly two months ago, so I hadn't expected to hear anything this late. My parents like that it's a lot closer to Michigan than California, particularly since I already have a brother living in Chicago. They think my main concern should be for how well the salary compares, though.

On Sunday night, my guild did a "timed" run of the 10-person raid instance Zul'Aman. The way this instance works, the first four bosses each drop one piece of loot just for killing them. If you kill them within a certain time limit, you get an extra reward for each one. They get progressively harder, so while it is fairly easy to get the first timed reward, the third is quite challenging, and the fourth is attainable only with high levels of skill, coordination, practice, and gear. We have been able to get the third reward most attempts, but Sunday night was the first time we successfully attained the fourth.

The fourth reward is a special mount called the Amani War Bear, and I was lucky enough to win the random roll for it. It was an exciting occasion, and I hope we win more bears on future attempts.
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