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Amparo Bertram

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09:25 am: Proud to be drug free
Last week I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair with megory. I spent way too much on clothes being sold there, but they were just so pretty. I also picked up bunches of books at Borders, nearly more than the two of us could carry.

This week I was scheduled for my official Homeland Security drug test. They told me the name of the clinic and the day. All I had to do was show up with some form of government-issued ID, provide a sample, and leave. They handled all the paperwork and payment. I'd never had an official drug test before, so I found it quite interesting to observe the various precautions they took to avoid falsification of the results. For example, the sample cup had a heat sensor on it to be sure it was fresh.

The fact that they contacted me so quickly about proceeding with the drug test seems to be a positive sign. It shows that they are actually working on my application.

My Warcraft guild, after having success in Mount Hyjal, has started to tackle another 25-person raid zone, the Black Temple. Last night we took down the first three bosses. They're going to attempt the fourth tonight, though I won't be there. I'm off to visit wednesday_10_00 for her birthday party.

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