Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Marathon of marathons

I've mainly spent the past several weeks, including the visit from devimustang0929, marathoning various TV series recommended by my brothers and various friends. Titles include Burn Notice, The Border, Reaper, Medium, and Chuck. I haven't caught up on everything yet, but I'm making progress.

megory was given a Netflix subscription as one of her retirement presents, so we've been watching things from that as well. Her main problem now is trying to decide which items to bump to the top of the viewing list, because she wants to see everything right away.

This past weekend, I went with my parents to our annual family reunion in Indiana. It was held at a house where it hasn't been hosted in about 27 years. megory was astounded that I still remembered the place and could relate events that had happened there. My purse (with the book I had brought) wound up locked inside the car for the duration of the reunion, so I actually <gasp> talked to people.

I'm still not having any luck landing a job. I've sent out about 50 applications, but they haven't resulted in a single interview yet.
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