Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Happy Children's Day

I've continued to keep busy with one thing and another. megory signed the two of us up for art classes on Thursday nights, so I'll be doing that during the rest of the month. We've mainly watched the instructor paint with watercolors while he gives pieces of advice. Our assignment for this week is to paint something of our own and bring it to class for critique.

Friday my boxes from Japan finally arrived. I had started to get worried, because the estimated arrival date had been last Monday. When I called, they said it was slightly delayed but should arrive Tuesday. I called the Toledo warehouse Friday morning when they opened, yet they insisted they had no record of the shipment. I had to wait another three hours to call the shipping company in California when they opened, and they claimed that the shipment had already been delivered. It must have arrived at some point during those three hours, because when I called Toledo back, they were able to give me directions for picking it up.

On Saturday, the family all went to Chicago to watch a performance by Bill Cosby at the Rialto. We also hung out at my brother's apartment, with three not-quite-potty-trained dogs, a Wii, Warcraft, and a number of DVDs to keep us occupied. We returned on Sunday evening, and one of my brothers took me out to see Ironman.

No word yet from any of the places where I've applied for jobs, so that hunt is still ongoing. I do hope I'll have something to report eventually.
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