Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

What time is it, again?

Yes, I have been a terrible slacker about posting.

The only hitch on my departure from Japan was that one of my suitcases was waaaay overweight (thanks to the heavy-duty 120V→100V converter) and I had to shift some weight around to my carryon and pay to send it as a third bag. That's even after I mailed off an extra box from Tokyo before leaving.

The flight went uneventfully, though cramped. It would suck being a larger person than me on one of those things.

I came home and got wonderful presents that had been saved up for me since Christmas. (They even left the Christmas decorations up for me to see.) wednesday_10_00 came over on Saturday to help celebrate and stayed the night.

Since then, I've been playing lots of Warcraft and stewing over what kind of job I want to look for now that I'm back. I have enough money saved up that I can take my time about it, particularly if I continue to stay with my parents.

Now I'm working on getting used to Michigan time. megory is still getting used to having me here. Every once in a while, it will strike her, and she'll exclaim, "Hey, you're HERE!"

Now I'll be off to grind some more Shattered Sun Offensive rep...
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