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Amparo Bertram

Cookie-making: The Saga Continues

Yesterday I used a different recipe and made a new batch of sugar cookie dough. This time my problem was that the dough was too sticky. Even after refrigerating it and liberally coating every conceivable surface with flour, it was impossible to use a cookie cutter on it, because it would just stick to the cutter. (I recall this happened to me previously with gingerbread cookies. I think I had to add two extra cups of flour before it solidified enough to cut, even after hours of refrigeration.)

I wound up just slicing it into rough squares and scraping it up off the table to bake. Fortunately, the flavor turned out fine.

I spent the rest of my evening preparing for my music history class. I even brushed up on my Macarena. In the morning, I packed up my laptop and various related supplies and headed off to work.

When I was halfway to the school, I realized that I had left the tub of cookies on the kitchen table, so I had to go back for them. By the time I finally got to school, I had already stripped off my coat and gloves and was still sweating from the exercise.

Anyway, I handed the cookies out during class, and the students were thrilled to get them. The class is held in a computer lab, though, so I had to make them promise not to eat the cookies until after they left the room. I handed out little Christmas gift bags I had picked up at the dollar store to keep the cookies in until later, which they thought was cute.

For the class itself, I had them all draw each other's names at random and make cards for the person whose name they picked. I brought a bag full of construction paper, colored pencils, crayons, and markers that I had gotten earlier but never used. They went CRAZY over this activity. A lot of them did web-searches for images to use as inspiration, and several of them created neat effects by layering different colors of paper or creating pop-up art.

The thing that I appreciated most was that they were careful to RETURN all of the art supplies at the end of class. This is in contrast to an American high school class I substitute-taught for, in which the students took the teacher-supplied crayons, broke them into small pieces, and threw them at each other under the desks, then left them on the floor.

After lunch I hauled my laptop and other supplies up to the music history classroom on the fifth floor...only to discover that there was no class today because the students were all at some kind of drug abuse assembly. D'oh. As there is no class next week either, I guess the 1990s lesson will have to wait until January.
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