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Amparo Bertram

Making a clean sweep

As the temperature has started dropping, it suddenly struck me that if I don't start cleaning my apartment now (to prepare for my year-end guests), I will wind up having to do it in the cold. So this weekend I made some time to straighten up in the laundry room and hobby room. I managed to pack up two boxes of summer clothes to mail back to Michigan, which gave me enough space to put away all the laundry that has been languishing on the tatami for lack of anywhere better to put it.

I think I buy too many clothes...

I also managed to sort through some of the old school supplies (some left by my predecessors) that had piled up in the hobby room. I threw out a bunch that I will clearly never use. The place isn't what I'd call clean yet, but at least it is now possible to walk across the floor to the recycling can.

After that, I treated myself to lunch at Olive Kitchen. (They have added a second flavor of coffee creamer to their selection!)

At school, the students are starting to prepare for the Exhibition that will be held Friday. We have a shortened schedule Wednesday and a half day Thursday. Originally, the Exhibition was scheduled to be on Saturday (with Monday off in compensation), as it has been every previous year. I don't know why they decided to move it back to Friday, but oh well. At least this way I won't miss this week's Gruul raid...

In other news, there is a new bulk food store called Amika opening up down the street from my apartment, on my commute route. The advertising says it has "gourmet food of the world." I'm not holding my breath hoping that it will have anything other than Chinese for foreign food, but you never know.

There's not much else to report. I suppose I could mention that Kraft finally changed its grated parmesan cans. Up until now, they were made with a plastic cap, a cardboard tube body, and a metal base. Considering that plastic, cardboard, and metal all have to be separated into different trash containers, this was a real pain. (Personally, I just tossed the whole thing in the non-burnable trash, but I felt guilty about it.) The new parmesan can is made entirely of plastic, so I can put it in the plastic recycling bin with a clear conscience.

In Warcraft news, patch 2.3 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday. It has bunches of improvements that I'm really looking forward to, including faster leveling of alts, tracking for fishing pools, cooking quests, reputation-based ammunition vendors in Shattrath, and a new (albeit expensive) hippogryph mount. The main feature of this patch is a new 10-player dungeon, which my guild is hoping to raid this weekend.
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