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Amparo Bertram

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03:42 pm: Get the fall ball rolling
Things have been rather slow around here, as the students have been preparing for the fall culture/sports festival that starts tomorrow and will continue the rest of the week.

Heavy rains moved in last weekend, bringing the temperature down from the 80s to the 70s and making it feel more like fall. Leaves are starting to show signs of changing colors. I've been able to go entire days without turning on the air conditioner, and I had to pull out one of my blankets for use at night.

It's a common saying in Japan that fall is the time for sports, reading, and food. I don't play sports, so that's out. I read all year long, so that's not really any different. However, now that the temperature is cool enough that I can bear staying in the kitchen for an extended length of time, I've been thinking about trying out some cooking.

I discovered that if there's one thing worse than going grocery shopping when you're hungry, it's going grocery shopping when you're hungry and the store is having a sale on cookbooks. Yeesh. Why do they do this to me? Anyway, if my experimentation turns up anything truly amazing, I'll be sure to report about it.


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Date:October 9th, 2007 11:04 pm (UTC)
I'll be looking forward to reports on any interesting food as well as on how the fall culture/sports festival goes.

I'm glad the weather is beginning to cool down for you. We're having a beautiful season here, too.

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