Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The heat is on

This week started off with a national holiday on Monday, Respect for the Aged Day. All this week, my students only have classes in the morning because the underclassmen are taking their final exams. They're using their afternoon time to prepare for the school festival coming up in October.

Supposedly fall is least, all of the stores have their fall season foods on display, among other indications. However, the weather just isn't cooperating, and the temperature is staying at midsummer levels. I spent most of the weekend holed up in my living room to keep cool. I did break out briefly yesterday to take a trip to Kyoto to visit Animate. I was in for quite a surprise when I set my purchases on the counter and looked up to see that the cashier was one of my students who graduated this spring.

Today, after I finished grading my quota of papers, I used my afternoon free time to think cool with this: Snowbunny UI.

I didn't have enough time to give it all the frills that I intended, but I think it's reasonably cute enough as it is.
Tags: school, warcraft
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