July 24th, 2017

Four day frolic

I've just finished up a four-day weekend, which I mainly spent cleaning the house. After a moderate amount of filing, a lot of recycling, and a serious game of Closet Tetris, the guest bedrooms are now at least presentable. I still have several boxes of things that I moved into my bedroom to sort through and tuck away, and the living room is cluttered with stacks of empty boxes, and I've barely touched the mess in the kitchen, so the job is far from complete.

I did manage to get the yard watered this week, which it sorely needed because I didn't get to it last weekend. The squash is doing splendidly, I have a few hot peppers forming, and the cabbage is starting to make heads. The grapes are emitting a powerful aroma; I picked two bunches, but they still need a few more days to be fully ripe. It's just always a gamble leaving them on the vine, because the squirrels have an uncanny knack for ravaging them just before I would have picked them.

The bean harvest is well underway. That always makes me happy. The corn did quite well, but Benny managed to figure out that he could pry up the fence enough to squeeze under it to get to the beans that I interplanted with the corn, and he trampled a bit. I'm hoping I'll still have enough of a harvest that I can grind some into flour and bake something with it.

The fig tree in the front yard is so burdened with fruit that all the branches are drooping. I imagine it will keep my food dehydrator quite busy soon. The comb that I can see through the window in my hive is nearly full; I imagine I'll be able to start harvesting honey in another week or two. That will be quite exciting. I'm considering going out to buy some particularly decorative glass jars to store it in.

One of the things I was also doing over the weekend was watching (or at least playing in the background while doing other tasks) and deleting movies off my DVR. I just saw the movie Inception, and of all the crazy scenes, the one that really took the cake was at the very end when the character goes through US Customs. The guy stamping the passport had silver eagles on his epaulettes. The silver eagle is the rank insignia for the PORT DIRECTOR. There is absolutely NO WAY the Port Director would ever sit in a booth stamping passports. Utter lunacy. @_@