July 18th, 2017

I can see (the floor) clearly now

I've been working steadily on unpacking, and I'm down to about half a dozen remaining boxes of things that need sorting, filing, and tossing. I also managed to finish the beta prototype of my newest game design late Sunday night, so that's progress.

I took a day off work to get a four day weekend starting Thursday this week, and I'm hoping to use the extra time to finish getting the house clean.

Despite all the hits the blackberries have taken from the damaging heat wave, the hungry beagle, the typical bird attack, and even some fruit flies this year, I've managed to harvest several quarts. It won't be as much as I had expected to get, but it should be enough for a couple pies and maybe some jam.

I've started picking the first of the early beans. It should be quite exciting this year as I get more variation from my Four Corners Gold x Rio Zape cross. The grapes and fall raspberries are also beginning to ripen, and I'm looking at a huge fig harvest coming up soon.