April 26th, 2017

To dye for

The progress in my bathroom has been going in starts and stops. The whole past week has been spent on tiling, but they have to stop for a whole day between different sections to let the mortar dry. It is nearly done, though, with just a couple of small sections of decorative tile remaining to finish before the grouting can begin.

My garden is doing great. The beans and corn have sprouted, which is nice to see. My irises are in full bloom. This past weekend I planted out the squash, cucumbers, and cabbage. I also trimmed back my stand of bamboo, which had grown to envelop my camellia bushes, and my dad spent a whole day digging up the root masses to get it back under control.

I checked on the bees, and they look like they are settling in well. There is lots of activity around the hive, so they seem to be going strong.

My parents had originally planned to have returned home by now to get back in time for babysitting duties, but they were notified that they don't have to do the babysitting anymore, so they are able to stay longer to see the conclusion of the work on my bedroom.

I have recently started combining my gardening and crocheting hobbies by making forays into the realm of natural plant dyeing. At the moment, I've mainly just been studying books on the subject and collecting various garden prunings for making dye. I haven't bought any yarn yet, mainly because I don't have anywhere to put it with all the renovation going on in my house. There is, however, a scheduled talk at a nursery in Richmond this coming Saturday, and I'm hoping to get a chance to attend.