August 2nd, 2014

2014 Game Update Week 31

Game I Backed:

Status: 50% funded

This is an area control game in which players collect different resources from the land tiles depending on the season in a world where the seasons are out of control. I'm only backing because I managed to squeeze in one of the last early bird levels and the designer mentioned the possibility of adding cooperative rules as a stretch goal. I may end up dropping it later.

Game I Viewed:

Status: Funded

Players in this card game lay down pictures of art in order to present attractive museum displays and earn points. I think the idea is interesting, but it seems a bit light for my taste.

Revving the engine

This weekend was quite the whirlwind. A couple of friends came over for a two-day gaming extravaganza.

We began on Friday afternoon with Star Realms, playing both of the cooperative scenarios (and losing miserably both times). After that, we decided we were getting hungry, so we went out to pick up a pizza. While we were out, we stopped at the local game store, which just happened to be having a 20% off sale on all of their board games, so we all bought something. I picked up Friday (which I've heard is an excellent solo card game) and Madame Ching (which I had been thinking of getting at GenCon, but this way I won't have it taking up space in my suitcase).

After we got back from shopping, we played two games of Arctic Scavengers. One of my friends was convinced to buy it instead of Dominion. I mentioned that the only game I like better than both of those deckbuilders is Morels, so we played that one as well.

By the time we finished all of those (not to mention supper, which consisted of the pizza plus a mixed berry cobbler using fruit from my garden plus vanilla ice cream on top), it was getting pretty late at night. We finished off with a quick game of Loonacy, which they had brought. At that point I introduced them to the BGG website while I explained its various features and demonstrated logging my plays in my collection.

In the morning, after downing sufficient quantities of coffee, we started up the gaming again by breaking out my copy of Dominion: Intrigue for two games. That was followed by Dragon's Hoard, which was interrupted in the middle by making lunch preparations (sushi!) and another quick trip back to the game store so that my friend could pick up Arctic Scavengers.

After lunch, we finished that game and played Hanabi, at which we performed middling well. One friend opened up the copy of Jamaica that she had purchased the previous day and we played that one twice--once to learn it, once to cement it in memory.

That game was chased by an open-handed run through of Fairy Tale, which they agreed would go much more smoothly if the players were familiar with all the scoring. We finished off the weekend with a requested second game of Dragon's Hoard, which both of them really enjoyed.

The countdown for GenCon has now begun! This weekend was just a preliminary warm up. I can only imagine what my game log will look like...