November 27th, 2013

Chowing down

I managed to get all the green tomatoes harvested from the volunteer plants in the front yard this weekend. It took a lot longer than I expected, and I ended up with two large bowls full. I got another bowl full of green tomatoes from the back yard, and I'm only half done there. I'm going to end up with a ridiculous amount of relish this year. I may end up keeping some of the tomatoes to ripen on the counter.

The peas that I planted in the back yard have been chewed to nubbins, probably by slugs. I hope some of them survive until spring. The ones in the front yard are doing very well.

I spent a lot of my time over the weekend preparing a dish to take to work for a kind of Thanksgiving canine potluck. Monday I baked fresh bread (which was quite tasty itself). Then on Tuesday I chopped up some of the bread into a bowl, added some strawberries and figs from my garden, sprinkled it with chocolate chips, and doused it with a mixture of egg, cream, and sugar. I let it sit in my refrigerator overnight while I went out gaming.

This week I started out my game meetup by introducing three new people to Dominion. We played a game with open hands and no attack cards. They picked up on how to play after 3-4 turns, and one guy (former Magic: The Gathering player) soon had a good draw engine based on Throne Room/Smithy and Throne Room/Council Room. However, whenever one of the players had a hand with 8-10 coins and +buy, I would say, "You could buy a Province..." yet the person rarely wanted to "waste" the extra buy and bought two lesser value cards instead. At the end of the game, I had six Provinces while each of the other players only had two.

After that, we switched to a game called Bohnanza, which is about collecting sets of cards composed of different kinds of beans. It's vaguely like Morels, except A) players can only play cards in the order they were drawn, and B) players can trade cards with each other. It was easy to learn, and the scores were all very close at the end. I wouldn't mind playing it again, but it's not something I would buy for myself, because I'm not a big fan of negotiation/trading as a game mechanic.

This morning I baked the bread pudding before work and took it in to eat at lunch. Everyone who tried it said it was good. I made it with a light brioche, so it tasted essentially like French toast dressed up with fruit and chocolate, rather than the more dense bread pudding that I've eaten in the past. I have about 1/4 of it left over, so I can save that to eat for my own Thanksgiving meal. Now I just have to decide what kind of potatoes I want to make to go along with it...