July 23rd, 2013

Bringing the house down

The kitchen remodeling project has been the dominant activity around here the past week. I've been taking a few pictures to provide an overview of all the changes.

Wall separating the kitchen and dining room.
Old kitchen with corner sink and view into the neighbor's house.

Day 1 of demolition.
Day 5, with the old windows boarded up and the space for the new window framed.
Beam replacing the wall.

It hasn't been too bad doing without a kitchen. I have plenty of electrical appliances to use for heating food, and it's actually kind of convenient (if rather crowded) having the refrigerator next to the living room couch. I am looking forward to the completion of the project, though.

My brother was able to visit briefly over the weekend, which was really nice. He got a chance to take a quick tour of the house and yard. My parents also took him to Palo Alto to look around Stanford while I was at work.