June 10th, 2013

Cherry picking

My big excitement this week is that the Morello cherries on the tree I planted last year are finally ready to begin harvesting.

In preparation for the big event, I went to the mall to buy supplies for making a cherry pie. First I picked up a cherry pitter. Next I tried to find a proper Pyrex pie pan, but none of the vendors at the mall sold them. A couple of places sold boxed sets of Pyrex bowls and storage containers, but no individual baking dishes. I was actually kind of offended when a lady at Macy's responded to my inquiry with "You'll have to go to a CHEAP store for that." (I think she was a customer loitering near the register, though, and not an employee.)

Since I was in the area, I stopped in at Trader Joe's, where I made the startling discovery that the price they list on their potato bin isn't per pound, as I had believed, but per potato. I've never heard of such a thing. I really thought the man at the register was joking when he commented about it, until I saw my receipt. I immediately returned the potatoes I had just purchased, and I'm never going to be buying potatoes there again. They may have many good products, but that's just highway robbery.

When I got home, I picked about two cups of the ripest cherries and used my new pitter on them. It worked quite well. I put those in the freezer to keep until I have enough for a pie. I'll pick more in another day or two.

I still needed a good pie pan, so today I went downtown and picked up a couple different sizes at Ace Hardware. I also stopped at the local cabinet maker to make an appointment for someone to come measure my kitchen. I finally have the contractor for my remodel all lined up, and I want to get things set in motion.

I intended to give the house a good cleaning when I got home, but I wound up settling for washing the sink and toilet in the bathroom and then sweeping the floor.