July 7th, 2011

Home improvement

I finally moved into the new house last week. The best part about the property is the back yard, which is large by California standards. I already have a lot of plans for the space, though most of it will have to wait for other projects to be finished first. There is also a worn but still functional deck that will be a nice place for entertaining once everything is tidied up.

The inside is a decent size, though it will also require a lot of work. The first thing on the list is refinishing the wood floors. While that's being done, all of my possessions remain in boxes stacked in the carpeted guest room. The kitchen also needs a lot of work. I already purchased a new gas range with a convection oven, which was delivered on Saturday. Eventually I'll have the whole thing gutted and remodeled for more cabinets and counter space, but that will have to wait until my savings account recovers.

My weekend was spent in the front yard, removing all of the turf grass. It took two days of shoveling, but we finally finished. Now I can start on the landscaping. The first step was to plant fruits, perennial flowers, and decorative grasses. In addition to the ones in the picture, I ordered a loquat tree for the big space on the left side. Next, my dad is constructing an arbor to go over the sidewalk entrance with latticed sides for passion fruit vines. When I get a chance, I'm going to thin out some of the extra plants from the foundation beds and tidy up its appearance.

My dad built a large compost bin in the back yard for me, so I'll have a place to put all the yard waste. I've asked a city arborist to come inspect the large, mutilated maple tree in the rear corner so that I can get a permit to replace it with better trees, but that will take a few weeks. There is certainly enough to keep us busy.