September 6th, 2005

When the wind's a'blowin'

Typhoon #14 hits tonight. The wind has been blustering since the wee hours of morning. All of the students wanted to go home early today for fear that trains might be cancelled, leaving them stranded. It didn't get too bad during school hours, though it will start to pick up now that evening has come. Tonight and early tomorrow morning should be the worst of it in my area.

Our exchange student in Michigan sent an email. Reportedly, she was shocked by the clothes the American students wore. She also expressed amazement that, They only bring ONE pencil or pen to class. Are they REALLY studying?! (Japanese students all bring an entire bag or case full of pens, pencils, erasers, markers, and highlighters to every class. The studious ones dutifully take notes in one color, write corrections in another color, and highlight important points. ....The not-so-studious ones use their pens and markers to doodle in their purikura notebooks.)

She's thrilled that there are BOYS in the school. <g> She said everyone is very outgoing and friendly.

My class with the school festival photos went okay...depending on how you look at it. It took me about ten minutes at the beginning of class to get the photos loaded onto all the computers. (I had to figure out that they were only loading on the computers that had been booted up first, so the tardy students all had empty folders.) The next problem was that most of the students were completely unfamiliar with how to use Word, and those that knew how to use the typing part didn't know how to insert pictures. So they spent most of the class time fiddling around with inserting, resizing, rotating, and moving around a single picture...then were surprised when they only had ten minutes left to actually write something.

Oh, well, it was good experience for them. Several of them wrote impressive descriptions of the school festival. They all seemed enthusiastic about seeing the festival pictures, especially the ones of their own class, so that kept them interested in the activity.