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Long time passing...

It has been extremely hot in Japan, as they keep telling us on the evening news. On Tuesday we decided to have an adventure on the lake by way of a cruise on the Michigan, a ship that makes a circuit of the southern tip of Lake Biwa several times a day. We went on the earliest listed time, hoping to beat the heat. The cruise includes live performances that encouraged audience participation, particularly from children. megory enjoyed herself by singing along with one of the bands.

Although the ship is named Michigan, the theme of it is straight from Mark Twain. The menu for the on-board restaurant, the Huckleberry Cafe, was quite loyal to this theme. As an example, here is its cocktail menu:
  • Mississippi Lullaby
  • Huck's Whim Cocktail
  • Tom's First Love
  • Friendship
  • Red Paddle

We were lucky to have taken the cruise when we did. It started raining toward the end of our cruise, and later in the day there was a huge downpour. Also, there were far more people lined up for the noon cruise. It would have been hard to find a seat.

Friday we went shopping at Lala Port, where we bought some new clothes. Ditto for Saturday. Sunday, for a change of pace, we bought clothes in Omihachiman, which is a town a couple stops north along the train line. We didn't really intend to buy that much, but the clothes were just too cute to pass up.

While in Omihachiman, we decided to catch a movie. The only one we found that we could watch and still catch a train back to Moriyama was Harry Potter, so we got tickets for that. While we waited for it to start, we wandered around the theater lobby, which had a Harry Potter purikura machine. You could have your picture taken in front of several scenes from one of the movies and then draw on the pictures.

Monday, megory packed up her suitcases and I contacted a delivery service to take them to the airport. Just about the time they were scheduled to arrive, she asked me, "'re going to pay the fee when they get here?"

Me: ...

<hastily checks purse>

Me: I'll just take a quick trip to the ATM.

<looks outside at thunderstorm>

Me: ...

Ordinarily I would have had enough, but due to our multiple shopping sprees, not to mention the pair of $18 movie tickets, I was a bit low. I actually did have enough, barely, but I got more out of the ATM just in case.

Other than that, we've amused ourselves with a lot of Warcraft, movie watching, and cooking. Tomorrow we're getting up bright and early to head off to the airport.
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