Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

School Festival, Day 2

The typhoon blew past as predicted and they didn't have to cancel any of the festival events. Today nine classes performed along with the music club and a couple of teachers.

Most of the performances today were singing and dancing. The two most popular dances were the souranbushi, a traditional Japanese dance that was performed at least five different times (some classes performed more than one version) and a cheerleader dance to the Japanese (sort of) version of "Mickey," also performed at least five different times. I wanted to give extra points to class 1-3 for choosing to sing "Melissa" (the first opening theme song of the anime series Full Metal Alchemist), but they sang it so quietly that I could barely hear them. One group did an elaborate Chinese dragon dance. My favorite performance of the day, the one in the picture, was class 3-3. They had several members of the class paint a picture while the rest of the class played drums and danced and otherwise entertained the audience. That was a nifty idea.

One amusing interlude was during the teacher performance. Two of the teachers got married over the summer, so they were called up on stage and barraged with questions from several girls. Most of the questions were things like "When did you start dating?" and "When was your first kiss?" The funniest part was when they got particularly bold and asked the male teacher...

When you get home in the evening, does your wife greet you by saying, "Welcome home. You must be tired. Which would you like first--supper, a bath...or me?"

(This is a common Japanese joke, but it was really funny to hear the girls saying it.)

I managed to videotape the performances in the gym without too much trouble, but my battery gave out on me in the afternoon for the outdoor performances, so I barely got a few minutes of footage. It was a real shame, because some of them were quite elaborate. I totally need to buy a new battery; the one I have is over four years old.

My big news of the day: I am finally couch-endowed! I'm really excited about my new couch. I took the old one out for non-burnable garbage day yesterday, which was a bit of a struggle since I'm on the second floor. I also gave in to my urge to buy a sewing machine. There are just too many cute things I want to make while I'm here. (Not like I *need* any more hobbies...)
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