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Amparo Bertram

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02:21 pm: Random thoughts on a rainy day
The seniors are all taking their final exams this week, so there's nothing much for me to do aside from grading. Generally that's pretty tedious, but every once in a while I stumble upon an eye-opening answer.

For example, one question testing their composition skills starts with the prompt "How many...?" and requires them to fill in the rest of the question. Most of them respond with something like, "How many students are there in your school?" (one of the standard questions we studied during the lesson). Then I get...

"How many people are there in your mother?"


I'm sure the student meant to say "in your family," but wow.

Other random thoughts...it's harder to sing on the way to work when riding a bicycle than it is when walking.

Also, peacocks are LOUD.

To pad this entry out a bit, I will give another Warcraft progress report. My guild is now running two groups through a full clear of Karazhan every week. (Many people have more than one level 70 character, so they can stick one in each group on separate nights.) We're looking into the idea of negotiating an alliance with another small guild to try things that require 25 players.

My shaman is starting to put together a respectable set of healing gear. Here is how she looks wearing it. Strangely, when I'm asked to help out random groups, I'm almost never asked to heal, but rather to do damage. Usually healers are in high demand, but I guess not during the hours that I play. In fact, once I got into a group composed of me (healing shaman) + healing druid + healing paladin, and we broke up because we couldn't get any other types of classes.

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Date:July 10th, 2007 07:09 am (UTC)
My mother is a saint!

Where are the peacocks?

WoW question: can a given character make a run only once per week? (Otherwise, what's the significance of using a different one on the second night?)
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Date:July 10th, 2007 07:43 am (UTC)
Where are the peacocks?

The house on the corner at the end of the block from my school has a cage with peacocks. (I don't know whether the peacocks are ever let out of the cage to run around the yard, because there's a high wall hiding the yard from view.)

WoW question: can a given character make a run only once per week?

Karazhan has a one-week "lockout" timer. Once you enter it, you are saved to that specific version and locked out of any other versions until it resets.

This has two purposes. First, it is to prevent highly skilled people from constantly resetting it and "farming" tons of high-quality gear, thus advancing faster than the game designers planned.

Second, for more casual players, it gives them an entire week to progress through everything slowly if necessary. (Otherwise, if it reset every day, for example, casual players might never get past the first boss or two before having to start all over again.)
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