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Wash your cares away

Not much of consequence has been going on here lately. The students finished up their midterms, with the only "yellow cards" (notices that the student is in danger of failing) being posted not for grades but for absences. (Note, there were still students who scored in the 20's on one test, that just wasn't low enough to be considered failing. You really have to work hard at failing here.)

If you remember Dai-chan the stubborn daikon from Osaka, there have been several more stories about his saga on the news. Scientists succeeded in cloning him and obtaining seeds from the clones. They grew a healthy crop from those seeds and had a taste-testing party, where they made various daikon dishes. (One of the tasters they interviewed stated that the daikon seemed slightly "tougher" than average, as would be expected from a child of Dai-chan.) They are hoping to increase production of Dai-chan's offspring to sell as souvenirs.

Oh, Japan.

The old Morijo campus is being completely torn town. It was mostly gone when I checked it out on Saturday, with only a couple walls left standing.

Now that the weather has heated up, I finally put my kerosene stove back in the closet. (Yes, I procrastinate.) I'm really grateful that the new school has air conditioning.

Yesterday, though, it poured rain all day long. When I ventured out to pick up some essential groceries, the "river" in front of my apartment was full nearly to overflowing. (Some places on side-streets it literally was overflowing and flooding the road.) Along with the rain, the temperature dropped to the point that it was actually comfortable to do some cooking, so I took advantage of the chance to make a batch of tortillas. There are many wonderful flavors in the world, but nothing is quite like freshly made tortillas.

As always, I have been continuing with Warcraft. My shaman character has reached level 70 and is in the process of trying to acquire better gear while getting keyed for Karazhan. At the moment, her talents are aimed toward healing, with enough damage capacity that she can solo some quests reasonably well. (I still wish she could feign death like a hunter...)

My druid has been duoing with megory's character, Opalita. The two have recently turned 40 and acquired their first mounts. Also, this past weekend my guild cleared Karazhan all the way from the basement animal boss to Netherspite. (I died during the Netherspite fight, though. ;_; )
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