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Amparo Bertram

Noh? No...

Last Friday there were only two morning classes, with various sports competitions in the afternoon. My English club students, having nothing to do during that time, planned a visit to Kyoto to survey foreigners.

Originally the plan was to go to Kiyomizu, but they changed their minds at the last minute and instead we went to the Heian Shrine. It just so happened that there was a Noh performance scheduled for that evening, so it was a busy place.

The students decided they didn't need me hovering around them, so I lent them my camera and went far away to sit in the shade and read a book. This was at about 1:30pm. I sat on the edge around the base of a stone...thing (big boulder with some message carved in it) that was still close enough to see the entrance to the shrine, but far enough that I wasn't bothered by the crowds gathering there to line up for the Noh event. (Unfortunately, a particular smoker kept coming over to sit by me to have his cigarette. Nice that he was avoiding the crowds, but annoying that he didn't consider me worthy of avoiding.)

As the afternoon wore on, the students came over to leave their bookbags on the ledge by me, since they were getting tired of carrying the heavy things. By around 3pm, the line for the performance had reached my spot. The ladies in line in front of me grumbled that they had to sit on the ground, when they could be sitting on the stone ledge, if only there weren't bookbags on it.

I would have moved the bookbags...if they'd bothered to ask me. I was reading a Japanese novel in plain view, so it's not like I wouldn't have understood, but oh well. There was also a bit of confusion because as soon as the line reached me, it made a U-turn and went back toward the entrance. New people trying to find the end of the line kept trying to stand behind me and had to be redirected to the real end of the line. I could help out the foreigners by letting them know this in English.

The students finished up their survey without much trouble and we all went home.

On the weekend, I went on a shopping spree to pick up some raingear. I also bought a couple cheap pairs of shoes. This took longer than expected because my nearby department store completely rearranged its departments, even having some that switched floors. ...Not that the place is all that big, but it did throw me not to know where to find anything.

Midterm exams begin next Monday, so the students are all starting to study for them. (Or giving up on studying, as the case may be.) There is one particular subject in which I teach the same thing to three different classes. They are all scheduled to have the test in that subject simultaneously, which means I will be kept busy Monday morning dashing from class to class to read their listening portion. At least it will all be over quickly...
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