Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

On a high horse

This past week went pretty much as usual, except for Wednesday, when my students all had a class trip to go to Universal Studios in Osaka.

On Friday, the middle school delegation from Lenawee County arrived. I was asked to accompany them on a number of their excursions to help translate. Friday evening we picked them up at the airport, then Saturday I went with them to the Biwako Museum and the welcome dinner. Today I will go on tours of various schools around town.

Since I'm missing a day of class, I had to make sure my team teachers had assignments of what they should be doing while I'm gone. One class in particular I will be missing both Monday and Friday, and the team teacher doesn't want to lead any activities on his own, so he left it up to me to make assignments the students can do with limited supervision. (...That's tough to do in an oral communication class...) Meanwhile, there are two other classes for which I will be present who must do the same assignments so they are all kept to the same schedule. It's rather tricky.

Aside from that, I've been leveling my shaman in Warcraft. She finally reached level 60 and was eligible to purchase an epic mount. Since I didn't really want a racing elekk, I worked her up to exalted reputation with the humans to buy a human faction mount, which is an armored horse. Now she can have fun galloping around Outland as she works her way up the final 10 levels.
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