Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Golden is as golden does

I had this entire past week off of work for Golden Week, a string of national holidays. I began on Saturday, my first day of the holiday, by having fun on the computer.

...Until evening, when I started to get a scratchy throat.

Sure enough, when I woke up Sunday morning, I had a sore throat and sniffles. Luckily, the sore throat went away after a couple cups of tea. However, I didn't feel much like doing anything, so I mainly just napped and did little things around the house for a few days. (It's amazing how many dishes one can clear up when washing a load or two per day...rather than per week.)

By Wednesday, I felt okay enough to go out. I was determined to watch this year's Detective Conan movie, as I try to do every year, so I located a theater playing it in the nearby town of Kusatsu. (There are no movie theaters in Moriyama as far as I am aware.)

Watching a movie in Japan requires a significant amount in the way of finances. The average ticket price is 1800 yen (currently $15). I elected to go to the "late show" (that is, the 8pm showing, which is considered late here) for the reduced price of 1200 yen ($10). It took me awhile to find the theater, because the movie posters are down the block and around the corner from the theater itself. Also, the ticket booth is hidden under a staircase. Once I got inside, however, the seats were extremely luxurious--it felt like sitting in an easy chair.

Thursday I treated myself to lunch at Olive Kitchen, which now has a fully paved parking lot. While I was out, I tried looking for a plastic cover for my desk at work, but the home and garden store didn't have any. I'll have to look up an office supply store. I did manage to pick up a serviceable broom, which was a rare find. Brooms here are mostly just bundles of twigs. Sufficient for sweeping the front walk, perhaps, but I wouldn't want to use one indoors.

That is about the extent of my adventures. The rest of the time I stayed in and drank a lot of tea. Now that it's Monday and work has started up again, my cold has pretty much cleared up, aside from a bit of a husky voice.
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